A. Objective The basic objective of this CRM is to increase sales. Now a days CRM is widely used Software in the companies to increase sales and source of income of the particular company or firm. The CRM also helps the company to analyze the behavior of customers and their value. This CRM provides: • To simplify marketing and sales process • To make call centers more efficient • To provide better customer service • To discover new customers and increase customer revenue • To cross sell products more effectively B. Features of Proposed CRM Following are the features of proposed Customer Relationship Management Software: 1. Sales The user can view sales with respect to the time period. User can filter the result with respect to the days, month or year. 2. Emails The Email can be sent using this CRM. 3. Telephony The user can perform telephony process using the VOIP services attached with this CRM. 4. Social The social media platform can handle and manage using this CRM. 5. Live chat A live chat option is available in this software and customer can contact with the firm with this live chat option. 6. Report A report can generate by the concern authority to manage with respect to the sales, Closing Deals and ongoing deals. 7. Sale Forecasting This CRM can forecasting the sales based on previous results. C. Features of VOIP 1. Door phone entry buzzer integration This feature allows you to integrate an analog door phone so that you can have a two-way call with customers. 2. Find me/follow me call routing Mobile workers will appreciate this feature. Find me/follow me call routing allows you to create a list of numbers where you can be found before the call gets pushed to voicemail. If the list is exhausted, the caller gets sent to voicemail. 3. Voicemail to email transcription Voicemail can be sent to the particular customer using the VOIP. 4. Music on hold If your company often has to put callers on hold, this feature is a necessity. Do not subject your callers to terrible elevator music — or worse, silence. This feature allows you to choose what your callers listen to as they wait. 5. Call screening Call screening is an often-forgotten feature of the VoIP business world that can come in handy. It allows you to look at a number on the caller ID and choose how to treat it. For example, if your spouse is calling, you can redirect the number to your cell phone. Or if it's a caller that keeps trying to sell you energy supplements, you can disconnect them. 6. Auto attendant An auto attendant is one of the hidden gems of premium VoIP services. This feature allows callers to interact with a menu to choose an appropriate extension. Your business will suddenly seem more professional and impressive. It's like having an electronic receptionist! 7. Conferencing Using the VOIP conference call can be attend among the large amount of people. D. Content to Be Provided By the Client E. Payment Breakup